SPARK provides its clients with the best in class strategy, branding and promotional services surrounding mobile and web. By harnessing people, experience and technology, we continuously deliver creativity and innovation. SPARK offers numbers of distinctive Value Added Services to diversified business sectors, which help them to create a better brand value, deliver innovative products, applications and services to their target audiences. Our focus business segments include all verticals e.g.: Entertainment, Education, Real Estate, Health, Hospitality, Travel etc. We create customized business solutions utilizing varied communication channels (Data, Voice, Text) for each client & hence deliver quick and cost effective projects.


Spark’s expertise lies in identifying the ideal mix of different tools and using the solutions for the optimization/automation of traditional processes running with the clients. The Goal remains to extract maximum with minimum botheration. If you have a marketing strategy in place for your brand, we can help you maximize its effectiveness by integrating a mobile marketing strategy along with your other marketing initiatives to drive measurable results.


Mobile Advertisements has been a driving tool to boost all promotional strategies in the current scenario. The significance is huge in terms of the impact, penetration & reach to the target audiences across any specific geography with a selected demographic categorization. Today, all brands in Automobile, Fashion, Lifestyle, Telecommunications etc. segments are successfully reaping results with Mobile ad campaigns.


We are direct partner with Telecom VAS providers, Media players, E-commerce brands, Entertainment segment organizations & many top advertising agencies for exclusive Branding, Acquisition, Subscription, Sale based promotional campaigns for various geographies. We work on multiple models – CPC, CPV, CPA, CPI, etc.

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